Prices 2018

Cremation per person *
€ 775,-
Cremation Plus, for the next of kin a moment of last honor in our farewell room. The number of people always goes into consultation. **€ 175, -
(Saturday and Sunday supplement € 100, -)
Present import cremation chamber€ 100,-
Cremation after exhumation€ 495,-
Cremation up to the age of 2 years€ 300,-
Cremation up to the age of 14 years€ 550,-
Surcharge cremation person above 200 kg
€ 425,-
Scattering at sea
by boat
in the presence of surviving relatives
By plane
in the presence of surviving relatives
€ 95, -
on request
€ 145, -
on request

* The ashes of the deceased are released after the legal retention period of one month. The collection of the ashes takes place through your funeral provider.

** A cremation plus will take place at all times under the supervision of your funeral provider.

All prices are exempt from VAT.

Cremation Certificate

With a Cremation Certificate you can already arrange your cremation or that of your loved ones in Crematie Centrum Westerhout. A reassuring thought in a period in which many things change and prices rise in the field of funerals.

A Cremation Certificate entitles you to a decoupled cremation in Crematie Centrum Westerhout in Beverwijk, is free in name / transferable and is not personal.

The value of the certificate is guaranteed until the moment of cremation. Let yourself be informed by a consultant. (The Certificate can be used four weeks after purchase)

Respect and dignity are paramount.

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